Keep Moving Forward

screenshot_2016-12-31-13-16-32-1 I never know where to start when I decide to do a blog.  It’s been 18 months since my FO and my bone is finally healed. When I look back on how many years it has been since all of this started, I find it overwhelming. I sit here today waiting for my last surgery  (For many years I hope ). I know there will come a time when more surgerys need to be done and I’m ok with the fact that I’ll never be completely pain free, but my life now is so many miles away from what it used to be. There was a time where I spent day upon day laid on the sofa,  needing two crutches to just go to the bathroom. After already having had 2 hip surgeries at the age of 17 I had to pack up my things and leave everything I’d ever wanted to do and go back home after spending almost 6 years at Elmhurst school for dance in Birmingham. When most people were out with friends I had lost most of my friends and couldn’t go out being a normal teen. Even visiting family left me in tears. I have kept only one close friends that has stuck with me through all the ups and downs. We’ve been on this crazy ride they call life together and for that I Thank you Honor.screenshot_2016-12-31-13-18-57-1

Not once through all this have I lost hope, I knew one day things would get better. I have a few extra people in my life now that didn’t know me back then,  that didn’t see me hiding my face so no one could see the pain I was in and fighting back tears from the constant pain. All of that is what made me the person I am now…. very stubborn amongst other things. unknown (16)After this last surgery to remove a metal plate and 8 metal screws out my leg it will have been 7 surgeries, several steroid injections and more hospital visits than I can count. In between all this I’ve had to fight every step of the way to be listened to. Yes, even with a mouth my size people didn’t listen to me. I’ve sent so many emails to consultants all over the country and rang so many different secretary’s trying to get help. It was most definitely worth all the fighting. There were many moments I couldn’t imagine being able to walk again.

fb_img_1480368885371For some people it may not be a huge deal but for me,  being able to be a bridesmaid for my big brothers wedding and walk down the aisle CRUTCH FREE was such a great moment for me.

screenshot_2016-12-31-13-16-05-1I wouldnt be able to write this blog without mentioning Callum. He came into my life when my hope was getting a bit cloudy. As cheesy as it may sound, he changed my life. He’s my best friend and soul mate and I can’t imagine life with out him. In the beginning of our relationship he used to carry me everywhere, give up days out to stay with me and see me up in the middle of the night in pain. Not once through all that did he complain and treat me like I was an issue. I feel like I definitely got lucky when I met him. When you fall in love, I think you should treasure it, because no ever know what’s round the corner. Enjoy the crazy old journey.  I love you Callum Pattison-Linighan.


Anyway, enough about him. I wouldnt want him getting too big headed now would I! ! I suppose I should stop going on because I’ve probably mumbled my way through this. So as its new year I’ll finish with some resolutions. I’m determined this year will be the year I learn to dance again. Last year I started up a lullaby trust charity walk in memory of my nephew Jayden Paul Thomas but I couldn’t take part, so this year I’m going to take part.

Happy New Year everyone 😀



The good, the bad, and the damn right ugly!

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I made it through surgery. and ready to learn to walk again!!

Day 1- After getting through the operation I’m now feeling the pain. I wish I could stop the pain but I know it’s going to be worth it. I’ve had an allergic reaction to the morphine drip so they’re iffy with me taking that, but I still keep using it anyway.

Day 2- Even though I’m laid with tears down my face they are being funny about giving me anything because I’m so small, at one one point the only painkiller I was been given was one paracetamol. Tomorrow I have to start Physio, so hopefully won’t be too bad, just need to get over tonight.
unknown (6)Day 3- It’s been a rough night, trying to get my pain relief under control.  Thankfully I’m now able to have morphine after they finally realized the amount of pain I am in, it does burns my arm but a burn I’m willing to cope with if it helps. They also added other pain killers including oral morphine as well as the morphine drip. As the morning comes I am so proud, I feel like if can get through a night like that I can get through the rest. Let’s see what today brings.
After a night IMG_4538of having to use a bed pan and having a bed bath, I was desperate to get out of bed. When the Physio came I made sure I had all my pain relief and used all my determination to get out of bed on the zimma frame and to the toilet and back. The Physio was really impressed at how well I did. Off for an X-ray soon and then Physio again later.


4pm Physio – ouch! That was a tough one, but once again I shocked him with the amount I could do. I only do all or nothing.

unknown (10)

This teddy belonged to my nephew and I know somewhere out there he was watching of me that day.

Day3 night –  A very sleepless night. Just when I drift off I’m woke again with this pain. Thank goodness I still have the morphine drip so can just keep pressing the button. My surgeon described my surgery as been hit by a double decker bus, I used to think he was such a lovely man haha.
Day 4

unknown (2)

The sickness has kicked in and I’m struggling to sit up or eat anything. morphine drip has run out now so pain is starting rise once again. While I’m laid here crying, she finally after an hour of it running out takes my morphine drip off. She then says, you’re not in much pain are you, you don’t need a new morphine drip putting in…… Isn’t it nice when nurses think they know what pain you’re in? Mr o hara described my surgery as been hit by a double decker bus and they think they are doing me a favour by allowing me to have 2 paracetamols instead of 1.

unknown (8)

Definitely the bad AND the ugly with this one. my op as been hit by a double decker bus and they think they are doing me a huge favour by letting me have 2 paracetamols instead of 1 …… Looks like I’m going to have to practical beg all day to get any pain relief.


 Day 4 evening  – They seem to have finally got the hint that keeping on top of pain relief is urgent.
Day 5 – A slightly better night. Today’s the day to prove myself to Physio so I can be discharged. Now the pain has improved I can already see the improvement in my mobility, Which is giving me the courage and strength to carry on. I even managed with the help of my amazing mum to get in the shower. unknown (1)Lucky for the people around me I’m sure haha. The Physio came and was more than happy with how I’m coming along and discharged me around lunch time. I Just have to wait for them to give me my pain killers to take home and my lovely grandad to pick me up. We left around half 3 pm for the long journey home. unknown (4)


First day at home day 6 – I tried doing a few steps with no crutches, it looked and felt very funny, but I did it, and so soon after surgery. A lot of the day was spent in and out of sleep between eating and exercising. My mum spent the day with me and is being my rock while Callum is at work.

unknown (15)


I spent the night last night up at least every hour with the pain, so feeling tired today. I’m going to attempt a shower, which may be a little difficult getting in and out of the bath. I’m clumsy on the best of days so better to wait while my mum comes around. They do say when things like this happens you find out who your really friends are. So definitely another learning curve.

The most comfortable position for surgery for me is pillow between the knees on the non-op side, the only small relief of pain has been this position. unknown (13)If you can get a full body length pillow, I imagine this is even better. I would also definitely recommend men’s boxes, they are so comfy, granted they aren’t the most attractive things, but for a couple of weeks post surgery I promise you that you just won’t care.

unknown (17)

My knee adjusting to the metal and keeps dislocating.

Day 7 – The bad nights sleep are catching up on me now. And at night everything seems to be worse. Like my lovely surgery promised the knee pain is pretty sore too, but having said all that, I’m still doing pretty well and improving each day.

Just over a week post op –  I’ve managed my first decent nights sleep, the pain and sickness is easing off a little too. I’m starting I must admit to get fed up of being in the house all day, feeling a bit useless having people do things for me.

I thought it was a good idea to try and thank Callum for everything by cooking him dinner, nothing too hard just a case of putting a pie in the oven. However, I’m still pretty high on painkillers, so rather than putting the oven on I put the grill on, and some how managed to put it on full temperature. Rather than laugh at this clearly funny black pie, I cried! Surgery definitely messes with your emotions!! Hope you liked your surprise dinner Callum haha.

unknown (14)

when I eventually saw the funny side.

2 weeks post surgery –  Time for those staples out. Getting out the house was a bit tricky but the staples coming out were painless and took seconds.unknown (19)

16 days post op – The plasters off and Callum and I are going out for a lovely meal with his family. Starting feel normal again.

I haven’t written for the past couple of weeks, I guess things just keep going on and you forget to actually sit and reflect. It’s 3 weeks and 4 days. I’m doing really well. I had my first Physio therapy session which went really well. A whole new set of exercises to help me lose the crutch and I have booked in for hydrotherapy. In my mind I can now run marathons but my legs don’t yet agree. Catch up legs I’m way ahead of you.

unknown (20)

My grandma and mum once again came and sat with me at the hospital and have been incredible supports for me, i will be forever grateful for this. Thank you so much, i’m beyond lucky.

After been quick out the box with cutting down to one crutch and starting Physio/ hydro I’m coming to a bit of holt. I’m really struggling with that last crutch when I feel like I should be running by now. The usual back pain because of the bad walking has set in, but I’ve cut my pain killers back, and I’m able to get out the house with out coming home in too much agonizing pain. My 6 week follow up appointment is just round the corner, and hopefully I will be cleared to drive!!

As these recovery goes you have to take the good with the bad in order to keep motivated. No one else really gets the bad, the pain or the emotional roller coaster, so there’s only really yourself that can motivate yourself through it.

6 week follow up – I’ve been cleared to drive!!!  I can start to get my independence back and no more relying on on everyone. I didn’t need an X-Ray until 12 weeks as it’s unlikely the bone has healed yet. But I did get to see my X-ray from the day after surgery. It gave me a reminder that I have gone through major surgery. I was feeling worried that I was still on one crutch, but Mr Ohara told me to stop being so hard on myself!! Probably some very wise words.unknown (16)

It’s now 8 months since my operation. Wow, how time flies by. I still unfortunately have a broken leg so still waiting for the bone to heal so I can get the metal out for good. I still need my crutch when I’m out so that’s a little bit disappointing. I’m set for another X-ray in a months time so I’m positive it will be all fixed by then.

This surgery has been very different to the last ones. It’s definitely been the longest, but I have also definitely seen the biggest improvement in my mobility in this one which gives me so much hope to carry on.

unknown (23)While recovering I have put together with the help of my family, ‘the great Barnsley bake off’ In aid of the lullaby trust (Sudden Infant Death charity) and in memory of my amazingly beautiful nephew. It was a huge success and we managed to raise a fantastic £1300.

unknown (22)

My amazing sister staying strong for her beautiful son at the the great Barnsley bake off…

Thank you again to all the amazing support from everyone on the day.

I have also recently set up ‘the JPT Mile’ which is a 1 mile walk for the lullaby trust and hope to raise lots of needed funds for the charity that is so close many people hearts. You can like our Facebook page for this.


Having hip surgeries and constant hip pain for so long, I’m more used to disappointing people. For once this week I can feel proud about something, after just 3 weeks of Pilates I’ve been asked to go up into the advanced class. I still have pain everyday, and need daily painkillers in order to paint on my ‘everything’s fine face’ (which I’ve perfected pretty well over the years!!), but slowly I’ve started to build a life that’s worth living. Being able to drive has been the biggest life changer, and of course meeting my soul mate has given me everything I could ever want ❤️ Callum Pattison-Linighan.


unknown (21)With hopefully just a few more operations to get through, I can just keep getting stronger and not letting hip dysplasia win!! 💪💪

Every Day Matters

2015 has brought the most sadness and heart ache yet. It’s left scars both physical and emotional. But mixed in between all that so much happiness. We may have lost two beautiful people, but how lucky are we to have met them and have them in our lives?

When life throws you so much heartache it will change you, how can it not? But it’s our choice just how it changes us. I plan on letting it be for the better. I plan on staying optimistic and happy and grateful in so many ways for what I have. We have life, and how selfish of us if we choose not to live it when so many have it taken from them.

To my beautiful family. Let’s keep smiling, laughing and living life to the ABSOLUTE FULL…. EVERY DAY!

For these retched hips, I have metal screws and plates, a broken leg, and a crutch as a fashion accessory. However, I was so humbled this year that part of my story is now written in a book, by Jennifer Lesea-Ames, called ‘onward!’. . These hips will get sorted and I will work my but off to get them right!!

Everyone has there own story, there own heart ache, happiness, and all the emotions in between. Make every chapter count….

8 Screws and a Metal Plate that the airports are definitely going to hate.

11401555_659510897515610_3235077746407041209_nReading over my last post to motivate me to update you all had brought tears to my eyes. While my way through life has always been to smile and plough through, because I know moaning won’t change anything, Life has made it so difficult. Just when things were looking up life gave us the cruelest card, and took away our beautiful nephew at just a few months old. I thought I knew what pain was after years of constant off the scale pain I’ve grown to live with. But, no pain will ever compare to the pain of losing my amazingly funny and clever nephew. For our family it was and always will be the worst day of our lives. My mum and dad lost their grandson, and my incredible sister lost her son. Stacey has made that little boy so proud, life has tipped her world upside down, but for Jayden she has got up, got a job, and started getting her life together. On the 13th January 2015 my inspiring sister became a mum, and from that day forwards, she will ALWAYS be a mum. It hurts just as much for me knowing that I can’t take this pain away from my family, no amount 11703137_10206361585013762_5231129606554418781_nof saying it’s ok and things will get better will help, but I hope that knowing that I’m there any minute, of any day, is something for them all. The support from everyone has been incredible and as a family we will get through this, and for the love everyone holds for that boy we will carry on. So many people were asking to help us as a family, and so we set up a fundraising page so people could help Stacey give her son the headstone he deserves. Thanks to everyone being so generous we are so close now to being able to do that. My boyfriend Callum bravely got waxed, with the bruises to prove it, and raised over £300.

644410_10205567934492995_8322634624988129068_nCallum and I moved into our first home in March. We were so blessed to have spent a full weekend looking after Jayden, and will never forget those memories. If life as taught us anything, it is that life really is too short. So while some people may have disagreed with our decision to move in together, what we have is love and happiness, and when all is said and done that is a lot more important than money and materials.

This week brings me another hip surgery, number 6, this one ending in a metal plate and 8 metal screws. OUCH. My surgeon plans to break my femur, twist it into the correct position, and secure it with the plates and screws. It turns out that while my legs/hips were perfect for my ballet dancing, as they were giving me the turn out/flexibility I needed, they just weren’t too great for living with. It does feel like I’ve been thrown from surgeon to surgeon, with failed operations after failed operations. But like always I will go at it all guns blazing with the determination to be pain free. Mr O’Hara expects it will take a year to recover and then the decision on whether I want to go through with having the other leg done. I won’t accept its going to take that long to recover though, I’m way too stubborn. Watch this space!

I can’t decide if knowing from previous surgery this is going to hurt like hell is a good thing or a bad thing. As a 21 year old and now quite used to all the ups and downs and crazy emotions that come with any surgery, I’m going to make a conscious effort to share all the steps with everyone, good and bad, because no matter how determined or positive you are there are still a lot of bad steps to overcome. Hopefully this will make other people about to go through surgery or treatment a little more knowledgeable and can take away a little bit of the unknown.

One hell of a year, but things are looking up…


Stacey and my mum at the baby shower 🙂

I’ve been thinking about writing this one for a while, but it may be a long one so I’d get comfortable.

To say last year was a crazy one for my family is an understatement! As I’ve been so honest from the start, I think it’s only fair I continue to be now. Early in the year we got the news that my 17 year old sister was pregnant which was a big a shock for everyone, no doubt the biggest shock for her. At that time we were both very opposite and living together caused lots of arguments. I think such a huge change has brought us closer than ever, she actually asked me to be her birthing partner, que the panic!! So the months had brought a hell of a lot of growing up for her, she no doubt stepped up and changed her life, moving out of home and making a lovely home with her boyfriend for her little family. We couldn’t be more proud. Her due date was December 31st but the due date came and went! After hours and hours holding my sisters hand in labour and being awake well over 24hrs stacey ended up getting rushed for an emergency C-section. So obviously it was a traumatic time for everyone. Jayden was born 2weeks late on the 13th January, 9lb2oz!

Staceys little family complete.

Staceys little family complete.

Unfortunately he did have to spend a week in special care. After being through such a tough labor I can’t imagine not being able to see your child straight away, Stacey had to wait 8hrs before she could see him. After a couple of days my sister said to me ‘what if I’m not good enough for him?’ And this to me just shows what a perfect mum she is going to be and already has been. I’ve got so much admiration and I am so glad to say they are all home and thriving.

Auntie Dan cuddles with my beautiful niece and handsome nephew :)

Auntie Dan cuddles with my beautiful niece and handsome nephew 🙂

This one is a tough one, but I know it affects families every day. Late last year we were given the news that my Auntie had got Cancer. It came as a huge shock to everyone and I just wanted to hold all my family and tell them it would be ok. As the weeks passed it was just bad news after bad news. Just when Teresa had started to get her head around one thing they went and added more to have to cope with on the outset it didn’t look good. Everyone has been so strong, when all is said and done the one thing we can control in this situation is hope and if we keep that anything is possible.

image1I can’t imagine how my Auntie was feeling but she has carried on working right up until surgery and is the biggest and best ninja I know, she’s taken Cancer by the horns and given one hell of fight. A couple of weeks ago she went in for a 6hr surgery, they couldn’t be more pleased! Her results show that she is now Cancer free!!!!!! After being given such a tiny percentage, it really does feel like a miracle. Of course there’s still a big recovery to go but what’s important is taking each day as it comes and building her life with help from each and everyone of the family! There’s no doubt it won’t be smooth sailing recovery but she will get there! Cancer is a word people are scared to use, but this just gives cancer a win at scaring us all! Don’t let it!! No one knows when it might hit the family or a friend, but it can be beaten! You are my hero Auntie Teresa and the strongest most beautiful women I know. Every step forward you take, You are winninggggg!!!!

A typical family selfie :P

A typical family selfie 😛

Through out this time of course I’d had two hip operations and a huge kick in the gut from the consultant who had given up on me. I have been writing emails making calls and continuing you to find help for this constant chronic pain that just seems determined to stop me.

Our old school

Our old school

Before Christmas I went to see my old school and my favourite ballet in Birmingham. It was a lovely weekend to share with my best friend!

Sat on our old science classroom

Sat in our old science classroom

Walking, well limping slightly haha, around the school brought a little sadness that I didn’t get chance to finish there, but so much happiness and gratitude of getting the opportunity to spend so many years there.

Days before my Auntie went in for surgery this month my grandad had to be rushed to hospital and couldn’t remember the last three years! This was scary, especially for my mum and sisters(my aunties!), they were questioning a stroke. Once again this just showed how amazingly strong and supportive my family are. As one of the main drivers with all the hospital visits taking people to and from, I’ve been reminded just how close we are and maybe a little how my legs don’t like driving and walking! :p after all the tests and a few scary days they couldn’t find any sign of a stroke, fewwww and concluded he had a very severe infection! It turned out that grandad got to go home the day his daughter, my Auntie went in for her surgery.

Grandad with the latest addition to the family Jayden

Grandad with the latest addition to the family Jayden

Its fair to say we’ve been in and out of most parts of the hospital the past few months. However, I can say with confidence that grandad is smiling and although in so much pain and a huge lifestyle change my Auntie is still smiling!

Callum and I :)

Callum and I 🙂

Through all the ups and downs my boyfriend has been amazing. I sometimes worry about the huge influence my hips and lifestyle have on him, but I’m confident he wouldn’t want it any other way. Definitely a diamond in the rough that one! but shh don’t tell him I said that 😉

8 years ago I met a surgeon in Birmingham, Mr O’Hara, the first consultant I ever saw. I was still pretty active at dancing school and the pain was there but I could cope. After viewing my X-rays he mentioned the Hip Dysplasia, which I was to have operated on 5yrs later, and he had also mention an abnormal twist in both my thigh bones (femur) which he suggested surgery for. This was so frightening at just 13 years old and I decided to just to carry on dancing. Little did I know what I had to come. So 8 years later while I had my dysplasia treated I’ve still been struggling with pain to the point of many sleepless nights. I often offer advice and have found many others in my position on forums and things. Mr O’Hara’s name was put forward several times so thought it was most definitely worth contacting him. I wanted an unbiased opinion and so didn’t mention having seen him before. He advised I have an MRI Tesla 3 Series, the only one in the country was in Birmingham and very pricey. However, it seems the price was worth paying as he thinks he can help. It’s also a huge relief to hear that he believes Mr Bankes did a great job at my previous surgery. The problem however that had gone unnoticed had reflected Mr O’Hara’s previous opinion, and is the abnormal twist in both my thigh bones. This does mean having quite a big surgery on both legs with several metal plates and screws, so I haven’t made any rash decisions. I am just waiting until I’ve spoke to Mr O’hara and gathered all the information to be sure it will be the right thing to do.

As it stands today my auntie is ploughing through and although off her feet for a few weeks she is doing great, my grandad is back to his joking self, Stacey is loving her new life as a mummy, although I don’t know if I will decide to have more surgery, I have a new ounce of hope, that there’s reasoning for all this pain.

Soon I’ll be fleeing the nest and moving into our first house with my boyfriend Callum, which I couldn’t be more excited about. He is one lucky man…. Oops I mean I’m a lucky women 😉

The sign is read, just got to find a house! :p

The sign is ready, just got to find a house! :p

So while there’s a hell of a lot to stress about, which I promise you we do a lot of, there’s even more to be blessed about!

The reality of hitting brick walls on the hip journey!

I thought it was about time I updated my blog. I always try to write my blogs when things are happening and moving forward because its part of me to be able to make anything positive. But the truth is, on the hip journey it isn’t always the case, and there are times when nothing and no one seems to be helping. I know there are so many others in my position and if I can put my journey out there it just might make someone else’s journey that little bit easier and give them a little more hope to stay positive. Unfortunately my consultant decided there was nothing more he could do so at my last appointment last month he discharged me. While I understand if he doesn’t believe he could help, I did hope for more support in moving forward in my recovery.


A great quote that couldn’t be more true right now!


while the appointment was disappointing, I did get to stay with my boyfriends family and had a lovely weekend! 🙂

So while I’m most definitely better off from having the PAO last year, I’m still in a lot of pain and having sleepless nights. After going to a local bonfire this month I ended up spending most of the day in bed recovering the pain was so bad. I guess I’ve sort of hit a brick wall. The reality is things aren’t great right now but I haven’t lost my determination and I refuse to accept that at 21 I have to live with it. I’ve learned over the years there is always an answer somewhere it’s just about finding the person with the right information to answer it.

With Christmas fast approaching I will no doubt have a plan of action by then if it’s anything to do with me, I haven’t come this far to give up now! I still have my eyes on those dance shoes in my future, and a chance to share my passion for dance by giving lots of girls and boys the gift of learning to dance too.


My sister and I at Whitley Hall


My Boyfriend and I at the Hotel!

In my last blog I mentioned my upcoming 21st and it really was a special birthday thanks to so many people! I had an amazing afternoon at the Whitley Hall, followed by a beautiful champagne weekend with my amazing boyfriend,

which included an amazing surprise meal where the whole family joined us. I must admit there was a slight tear when I walked into the room to see everyone, but I have a reputation to keep up, we’ll not mention it again! 😛


Lots of special people came to surprise me on my birthday!



My best friend and I!

Thanks to my best friend though, I get to pull out the birthday card that bit longer as Honor got us tickets to go and see my absolute favorite ballet, The Nutcracker, and visit the school we both lived and grew up in, it will most definitely be a very special weekend.

So as it stands it really does suck to still be in pain (putting it politely), but I’m still searching for answers and won’t stop until I get them. Until then, I have amazing people around me and a hell of a lot to smile about.

Right Hip operation, to finish off the long years of Hospital appointments! Fingers Crossed!

photoIt’s now well over a year since my Pao and just over 3 months since the last arthroscopy, and about 5yrs since my first operation on the left hip. Although still along way to go with strength and stability of the left hip I’m over all pretty pleased with the huge progress!! The difference in quality of life is a welcomed one! I spoke with my consultant recently and he said that with my previous dancing its likely I’ll suffer with my hips throughout my young adult life. But I know my body now and trust my consultant and myself so there is no use worrying about what could happen, I’ll  just deal with anything that gets chucked my way.

So fingers crossed it’s just a case of turning my left hip super sonic now and no more operations, I think 4 is more than enough! The good news for my right hip Is that as it’s stands I don’t need to have a pao which would’ve been a another broken hip and 4screws! However I will have to have an arthroscopic operation on the right this week, 4th September 2014. As always they don’t know for certain what’s going to be done until they go inside my hip, but I believe the plan is to have some of my bone cut away and some cleaning up of the damage in that joint! So slowly but surely I can certainly see an end to this challenge and the start to many new ones I’m sure! It seems just as I start to get back on my feet another operation comes to knock me off them again. I do plan on getting back on them pretty dam quick tho and start gettin my life on track.

PAO- Peri-Acetabular Osteotomy (name of operation)

PAO- Peri-Acetabular Osteotomy (name of operation)

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have had similar stories to mine and although everyone goes through things differently and we all have the right to deal with the way that best suits us, what we all have in common is that it is one tough journey. this summer I received a gift of a beautiful bracelet that I can keep to remind me of just how far I’ve come.




Soon I’ll be turning 21 and I will have gone through 5 hip operations, The stuff I’ve gone through has made me the person I am and I plan on using that to kick some butt in my future! Hopefully come October I’ll be ready to celebrate my 21st, and starting my new hip operation free life with all my beautiful friends and family!!(maybe not too much celebrating just 5weeks post op but we shall see! watch this space). Going through all this has definitely showed who my true friends are!

I recently had my feelings bruised and for a little while was feeling a bit down. A part of me felt like I had nothing to show for turning 21, but while some people may measure there achievements based on jobs, money, children, houses, how many friends you have ect! I don’t feel I need to because what I’ve achieved is much more than that, I’ve managed to go through a lot and come out with more determination and aspiration for life than ever!